Policy & Advocacy

Alliance for Peacebuilding aims to foster understanding and ensure the systemic approach of peacebuilding and conflict resolution is integrated into the programs and policies of the U.S. government (USG), international agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs), and private and corporate donors; to shift public awareness through the use of media to effectively convey peacebuilding and conflict resolution messages and promote social action; and to secure increased resources for conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

The Policy & Advocacy Team works on diverse programs. Current program areas include:


Fragile States

AfP co-chairs the Conflict and Fragility Working Group (CFWG) at InterAction that ensures a space for all groups and voices working on Fragility and Resilience. AfP and our partners are working to implement the Sustainable Development Goals in communities worldwide.

AfP belongs to the Civil Society Platform for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (CSPPS), which includes the New Deal and connecting civil society leaders with the USG. AfP sits on the Prevention and Protection Working Group (PPWG) focused on preventing violent conflict, averting mass atrocities, and protecting civilians.

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Countering Violent Extremism

AfP is working with its members, international grassroots partners, and cross-sector allies to increase knowledge and advocacy by ensuring a peacebuilding approach is integrated into the implementation of the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) strategy and programming.

AfP also maintains a CVE digest of recent statements, activities, and commentaries on CVE policy happening in Washington and around the world. We update this list frequently as CVE discussions and actions take place.

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Women, Peace and Security

AfP leads a Women, Peace and Security Affinity Group which provides a space to engage with colleagues to collaborate and strengthen women in the peacebuilding community as well as advocate for the role of gender in peace.

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Human Security

AfP’s program on human security works to achieve a people-centered security strategy, which is more successful, cost-effective, and sustainable than traditional national security strategies. In 2015, AfP launched a game-changing Handbook on Human Security with global peacebuilding partners and the University of Notre Dame

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Electoral Violence

AfP co-chairs the Electoral Violence Affinity Group with Creative International. This new Affinity Group is a space for those working on electoral violence to share information and best practices and develop collective strategy and advocacy for long term prevention of electoral violence.

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Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium

AfP hosts a series of dialogues with donors, evaluators and peacebuilders in an effort to foster open discussion on improving peacebuilding evaluation.

In addition to this, AfP has been working to introduce civil society colleagues to US and UN policymakers and share the research, learnings and best practices developed through the Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium (PEC) to increase program and aid effectiveness.

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If you have any comments or questions regarding AfP’s Policy & Advocacy work, please contact Liz Hume at lhume@allianceforpeacebuilding.org