Affinity Groups

Facilitating Collaboration, Joint Learning and Collective Action for the Field

Background and Structure

The Alliance for Peacebuilding Affinity Group Program serves as a center of gravity for AfP members to engage with colleagues–within and beyond the peacebuilding field–in conversations that wouldn’t happen anywhere else. Affinity Groups spark new collaborations, joint learning, and collective action within a spectrum of areas, sharpening the innovative edge our field must develop as we tackle today’s global challenges. AfP has established formal affinity groups on the following topics:

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AfP members and others are invited to join one or more groups based on their interests and work. Each Affinity Group maybe develop a webpage and/or other online resources to facilitate communication among group members and also have access to some staff support for its activities. We are always open to considering additional Affinity Groups as the desire arises, but due to limitations in staff capacity, there are specific criteria for forming new formal Affinity Groups:

  • interest from at least 5 AfP members and
  • designated group leader to perform functions including (but not limited to) providing general direction to the group, initiating meetings, tracking action items, etc. Individuals who volunteer as group leaders must demonstrate a commitment to the goals and principles of the group.

If you are interested in forming a new Affinity Group, contact Stone Conroy at New groups will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Formal meetings of the Affinity Groups are held each year the AfP Annual Conference, and at other appropriate times as determined by the group leader and appropriate AfP staff. The structure and frequency of the groups may vary. Some groups develop smaller working groups around sub-topics, other groups develop programming around a specific annual event. The group leaders and AfP staff work together to develop the content and structure of the group.

As we seek to improve the Affinity Group program, member feedback is always welcome.

For more information about AfP’s Affinity Groups, contact Adam Wolf, Administrative Coordinator, at