Electoral Violence

Affinity Group

election violenceThis Affinity Group is a space for those working on electoral violence to share information and best practices and develop collective strategy and advocacy. Most electoral projects are short term and only focus on the immediate election timeline and threats of violence in a particular country during this period. The Electoral Violence Affinity Group will focus on best practices and advocacy for the long-term prevention of electoral violence.

As the causes of electoral violence are diverse, organizations with a potential stake in this Affinity Group would be those providing electoral assistance, conflict mediation, victims’ services, marginalized groups, and media programming.

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Tcreativehe Electoral Violence Affinity Group is co-hosted by AfP member Creative International.


If you would like more information about AfP’s Electoral Violence Affinity Group, or other AfP Affinity Groups, contact Liz Hume, Senior Director for Programs & Strategies, at LHume@allianceforpeacebuilding.org.