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The goal of the Social Enterprise for Peacebuilding Affinity Group is to serve the interests of the Affinity Group’s Members and the wider AfP membership by exploring the contribution that social enterprise might make towards peacebuilding. How can civil society organizations in the peacebuilding space adopt more entrepreneurial approaches in our work, including through a more strategic engagement with the private sector.

Past Events:

A Discussion with Lester M. Salamon: June 8, 2016

The author of New Frontiers of Philanthropy: A Guide to the New Tools and New Actors that Are Reshaping Global Philanthropy and Social Investing
Mr. Salamon discussed new tools and new actors that are reshaping global philanthropy and social investing. Mr. Salamon served as deputy associate director of the US Office of Management and Budget and is now Professor at the Johns Hopkins University and Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies. Nick Oatley, Chief Operating Officer at PartnersGlobal, moderated the discussion.

Social Entrepreneurialism for Peacebuilding: Surviving in Turbulent Times: May 24, 2016

At the Alliance for Peacebuilding Annual Conference, this discussion, led by Nicholas Oatley, COO of PartnersGlobal, was on the life cycles of CSOs and the need for turnaround management – opportunities and obstacles.

Social Enterprise for Peace: May 24, 2016

At the Alliance for Peacebuilding Annual Conference, this discussion was an introduction to social enterprise techniques and helped peacebuilders identify and frame the key issues connected to social enterprise for peacebuilding. It also helped participants understand the role that this burgeoning field might play in the advancement of peacebuilding initiatives. Speakers included:

  • Stone Conroy, Program Officer, U.S. Department of State
  • Nicholas Oatley, Chief Operating Officer, PartnersGlobal
  • Whitney Shinkle, Strategic Advisor, Bancroft Global Development
  • Moderator: Liz Hume, Senior Director for Programs & Strategy, AfP

2016 AfP Annual Conference Social Enterprise Panel


Social Impact Bond

Social Enterprise for Peace Presentation

Principal Partners:


PartnersGlobal has a vision for the world where all of us – communities, governments, and businesses – work together to peacefully manage change. PartnersGlobal believes in the power of local leadership and global collaboration to achieve inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous societies.

For more information about AfP’s Social Enterprise for Peace Affinity Group, contact Liz Hume, Senior Director for Programs and Strategy, at